We certainly never meet again

A linking system # 4. [In progress]
Photography, mails
Japan, dec 2014-jan 2015

"We will certainly never meet again."
An unexpected sentence for someone with whom one has just shared a moment, friendly or simply cordial. The time of a meeting like there are many when traveling abroad, and generally extended by an exchange of emails or phone numbers ... a promise to meet or get in contact again.
In Japan for a stay of three weeks, I bring back 27 photos that will form the basis of the exhibition "We will certainly never meet again."
27 people who agreed that I photograph them, some with whom I could exchange more or less at length, and to whom I gave the small card " We will certainly never meet again" on which my email appears. 27 people who can contact me if they wish. This enables, as with other devices, to start the process that will allow me to develop the project "matchmaking system.”


Currently the project is at the stage of the exhibition of 27 portraits and photos of the environment in which they have been achieved, accompanied by a publication.